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Dear, editorial staff. My father used to live in one of the remote regions of the Republic of Armenia. Three months ago, my father moved to live with me in the capital on account of his poor health. He stayed in hospital two months, afterwards, he was discharged from the hospital. I took care of him for about one month. Ten days ago my father died. I applied to the death bureau as to the residential area so as to obtain a registration certificate. They responded to me that I ought to apply to area bureau in charge of the place death occurred. The employee of the given bureau said that I ought to apply to the funeral department. Which of them is right? R.S.

First of all, I express my condolences regarding the death of my compatriots and wish to inform that the state authorized bodies of residential area and the last residential address gave an inaccurate answer to the applicant since the intergovernmental legislation grants a very extensive and even unlimited opportunities to the relatives of the deceased to make state registration of the fact of death by the state authorized body of the last residential area of the deceased and the area of the death occurred in case of death of their relatives. Moreover, the legislation even allows when death occurs in the transport, death state registration shall be carried out by state authorized persons of the given area where the deceased was descended from the vehicle.

It is necessary to know that persons ought to file an application about the death with the state authorized body not later than the time of death occurred to three days after the corpse of the deceased is detected.

If state registration of death is carried out on basis of the effective decision of the court about the recognition of a person’s death, then the entry about the death act shall state as a day of death of the deceased the day of death approved by a juridical decision, whereas if not available, then the day the juridical decision enters into its legal force.

After the death, a relative of the deceased (spouse, other family members) shall be provided with Death Certificate which shall obligatory state the following:

a. name, birthplace of the deceased and time of death occurred,

b. place of state registration of death (name of the given authority)

c. time of granting death certificate

Dear reader, I think that this issue is about death which is considered to be a very exciting and interesting, the most mysterious and enigmatic phenomenon which is to be interpreted by a specialist in the given area. I must declare that the majority of people live as if they will never die and die as if they have never lived.