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I am Ani Sargsyan, aged 35. I married my beloved person. During my marriage life, I had two children. After the birth of my second child, hardly had my child‘s forty days elapsed when some “considerate” person called me and informed that my husband was unfaithful to me and told me the name of that woman. It was a shock for me and I did not forgive my husband. In other words, we got divorced. I refused from any help offered by him. I also prohibited him to meet with children. After our divorce, I did not get married, but I continued loving my ex-husband (I still love him). At the same time I hate the entire mankind. My husband got married for the second time (I learned about it years later and that “considerate” woman was a girlfriend of my husband who later became his wife). In April 2011, my husband died suddenly. A few days ago his second wife called me and informed that my husband had bequeathed the entire property (two houses, cottages, cars) to her and my children would not receive anything.

Dear, editorial staff

I am a regular reader of “Lawyer’s reception” section of your newspaper.

Please, if possible, help me so that my children will be able to receive something from the inheritance. They were brought up without father. How fair is it that the entire property of their father will pass on to the person who destroyed our family on account of her active efforts and my children have grown up without father.

Dear, Ani

Your letter has no mention of the ages of your sons. I suppose that since you got married in 1996, the age of your first born child might not be over 14, and the second child might be much younger. Thus, both of your children are under age. What concerns the deprivation of your children from their father’s inheritance as per will, which was informed to you by a “considerate” woman, then you can advise that woman to read Article 1194 of RA Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia in which the legislation stipulates a mandatory condition according to which minor children of a testator are entitled to inherit the part of inheritance which they will get in case of inheritance under law. In this case, your children are lawfully regarded the first heirs as the children of the diseased and being under age they lawfully exercise the right to get the mandatory share of their inheritance.

I think that this letter will serve a lesson not only for all married women and men so that they will ignore all “considerate” calls and before making a divorce decision they ought to remember that when getting married in God’s church before their relatives and God they swore to be obedient to their husbands, whereas the husbands in their turn swore to support and always be next to their wives.