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A week ago I found a wallet at one of the bus stations. It contained documents, some of which were in a foreign language (probably in Persian).

The next day I heard on TV that a huge sum of money was promised to the one who had found the documents with a telephone number mentioned below. Promptly I took a receiver and telephoned. We agreed to the price. The owner of the document, as I found out later, was a Persian Armenian. He promised me to pay 500 dollars.

He arrived at the meeting place with some Armenian guy who introduced himself as Avik. He took the documents, they made sure that all the contents were not missing and in the end I was given 5000 drams. He explained that he was short of money, whereas the Persian Armenian had promised me to pay 500 dollars. According to him, it was unjustified. Please tell me if they treated me well or badly.


Anahit (aged 50, artist)

There is  a human type who being in need and after receiving assistance not only renounce his/her helper, but also is ready to discredit and defame him/her in any possible manner. It is also expressed after receiving a medical or legal assistance etc. In similar cases it is necessary to know your rights and obligations stipulated by law and remember that every animal in the nature has its own significance and role. The type mentioned by you belongs to the people of that sphere.

Dear Mrs. Anahit, in case you provide me the video tape of the announcement broadcasted on TV, I will be of much help to you and attempt to collect the promised 500 dollars through extrajudicial manner and if possible juridically based on the motivations stated below.

The person who publicly promised to pay or reward for the performance of some actions is obligated to pay the promised reward within the time period mentioned in the announcement to the person who performs the action who has found the lost property of the person making an announcement or providing related information. In case the amount mentioned in public announcement is not available, then it is to be agreed upon with the person promising the reward, and in case of disputes it should be solved by court.

It is important to know that the person who responds to the reward has the right to claim a written statement of promise and bear the risk of consequences regarding failure to file the claim if it becomes clear that the announcement as regard the reward has not actually been made by the person mentioned in it.

The given legal norm is regulated by Section of Liabilities of Unilateral Actions of RA Civil Code.