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Dear  legal page of Iravunk newspaper.

My son is 11 years old. He had a pain in foot and stomach. Two weeks ago my mother and my wife took him to the center of our region to be checked out. My wife called to me from the hospital and said that I should send her money as my son had to stay in hospital for some days. I have sent. Five days later they told me that everything is normal but my sun made out of order the check up device and I had to pay 150,000 AMD. I went to hospital and told them that I thought that a little child could not spoil the device and asked  to decrease the sum of money in order to pay the money in some months. They even did not listen to me. I applied to the head of our village in order to intervene and tell the hospital that I could not manage it. I have 4 children and old parents, please help me not to get to the court.


LENDO (the little daughter Noyem who is 15 years old, have written down the father's words and asked not let his father alone)


Taking into account the feelings of this family and not going deep into the factual circumstances of this case which would allow to give legal basis that the harming was with the guilt of the child, I should inform the following:

1. the children are considered to be children till 14 years,

2. the responsibility for the harming by children bare parents until they do not prove that the harming is by child.

If the child has made harm during the time when he was in educational institution or in hospital than the responsibility of harming bares the administration of that institution which had to supervise him. Same is here, the responsibility bares the institution if it cannot prove that the harm created the child.