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The month May is not the month of victories but also the month of graduating ceremony of schools. Under the sounds of final bells of such ceremonies the graduators enter the life.

How are the graduators of today ready to survive this life?

How the knowledge given by schools is complete to use it in real life?

How the graduator is ready to become a mother, to be a soldier and a patriot and to be the owner of the country for tomorrow?

How this society is ready to accept the one who was a child yesterday but today he is going to dictate the rules of the game?


It is famous that the knowledge given by schools and the university entering programs differ from each other. So, it becomes impossible to enter high educational institution without private lessons. Appreciating the great pedagogical work of teacher collectives of schools (the pedagogy should be considered as an harmful activity for health but honorable one) it is important to mention that according to the Article 39 of main Law of RA, that is RA Constitution, everybody is granted a right to education, so all the domestic legislation should promote to the easy implementation of this right. Moreover, if the secondary education is considered to be free of charge, then the widespread private lessons taken by the graduators should be considered as additional obligation of the parents of the graduators because without such lessons it is impossible to enter the high education institutions. That means that the high education institution entering programs should correspond to the school program by all the details.

It is obvious that the only institution where the child is brought up in scientific way is school. Unfortunately, not getting answers to some questions the child tries to find them in the street which results not pleasant consequences as well. Moreover, there is no such state authority body which will protect the legal interests of children in this stage. The school by giving a certificate of mutuality wishes good luck and closes the doors. The high educational institution although opens the doors but it does not bear responsibility for the period from school to university. As a result the child sees many difficulties which are not stipulated by law and if even they are then the principle of equality is breached. The parents often try to help in such situations but not being ready to help, the parents always find out themselves in bad condition in the eyes of their children. As a result falling into the stress, I think the child gets its first slap with its all unpleasant consequences.

You should know!

The state has stipulated the obligation to grant right to education to everybody.

The state has an obligation and it fulfils it by appropriating certain amount of money in order to keep the secondary education free of charge. For comparison it should be mentioned that in such powerful country as the US there are places where there is no state educational institutions. The state expressed its willingness to support financially or otherwise the institutions and their students which realize educational or other professional activity by law.

The country needs educated generation. Today’s graduator is the soldier of the country and the mother and also the owner of the country for tomorrow.

Welcome, graduator! You belong to the generation whose fathers were forced to participate in the war and you was born in dark and cold conditions. Your father and mother have solved the security issues of you and your country with great honor and victory and now they pass you independent and secure motherland. You must be power and do your best for your country.

The best for you and for the world!