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Three months ago I discovered dripped and dirty animal in the yard of Opera House. I thought that it was a baby bear but it was chao-chao dog. I took it home and in the next day to the doctor. I got used to it and the animal got used to our family. Nearly one month ago when I was walking with my dog in the yard of Opera house a young man approached to us by calling my dog with a strange name. Of course, my dog did not react and not even considered him as a dog. The young man declared that it was his dog and showed the stigma on dog’s leg and demanded to return the dog. When I refused to return the dog he began to insult me by calling “robber”. He called policemen who took our addresses and advised to solve the problem in the court. Is this young man right even if it will turn out that he was the owner of the dog? I am ready to give him money but not the dog.


Ann, 18 years old, Yerevan


Dear Ann


If the owner of the animal has appeared you must return the dog as it is stipulated by the Article 183 of the Civil Code of RA. Instead, you can buy a new dog from the same type and same color.

In case of return of unsupervised animals to the owner, the person at whose place they were located for maintenance has the right to compensation by their owner for necessary expenses connected with the maintenance of the animals, less the benefit extracted from the use of them.


You should know!

A person who has caught unsupervised or straying livestock or other unsupervised animals has the duty to return them to the owner, and if the owner of the animals or the place of its location is unknown then not later than three days from the time of catching to report about the found animals to the police or to a body of local self-government, which will take measures to search for the owner. If in the course of six months from the day of report of catching unsupervised domestic animals their owner has not been found or has not itself declared its right to them, the person who has the animals for maintenance and for use shall acquire the right of ownership to them. In case of refusal by this person to acquire the animals maintained at its place in ownership, they shall go into ownership by the commune and shall be used by the procedure determined by the body of local self-government.

Moreover, the person who has caught unsupervised animals and the person to whom they have been given for maintenance and use are obligated to keep them properly and in case of fault are liable for the perishing of or harm to the animals within the limit of their value.