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N 53 (220) 24th of March 2012, Saturday

“HAYATSQ” daily

The insulting and slander did not took place


The advocate has presented unlawful objection

Pre-judicial session of the case of “Kyanki khosq” organization v. “Iravunk Media” organization took place in the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative regions by president-judge R. Nersisyan yesterday. The session was already the second one. The representative of plaintiff “Kyanki khosk” organization’s leader Arthur Simonyan was the member of Advocates’ Chamber of RA Avetik Papinyan who had objected to the participation of the representatives of media in the judicial session and recording of the session which cannot be prohibited according to the legislation.


The Court, of course, did not accept the objection. It should be noted that it is necessary to do not only voice recording but also video recording of the session but it is interesting that such session in which the public interest  is great, may not be published by TV only because of the objection of the representative of the plaintiff. Here is the question: whether the organization which considers itself transparent and at the same time has media service can consider its actions transparent?

The representative of the plaintiff has presented the claim: to force “Iravunk Media” LLC to deny the information harming the dignity and good-will of the organization and emerging religious detest and to excuse and compensate the judicial expenses. According to him some articles and collages were published in the magazines “Iravunk”, “Iravunk-Hetaknnutyun” and ”Argumenti nideli Armenii” (“Аргументы недели Армении”) which insulted and slander the organization “Kyanki Khosk”.

“We object. The objection was presented according to  the legislation”,- said the director of “Lev Group” advocates’ office and the representative of “Iravunk Media” corporation Levon Baghdasaryan and added that they object to the claim in a whole including the implementation of the  mentioned legal acts.

The next judicial session was appointed on 13th of April at 16.30 o’clock. During the interview with journalists after the judicial session L. Baghdasaryan noted that the claim in a whole has no legal ground in a manner that it has no mentioning about harming the honor, dignity and reputation of another.


Author Arthur Hovhannisyan