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I am disappointed with the unfairness of juridical system. In 2005 I lent 5000 dollars to the son of my neighbour for the period of one year. After the expiry of the agreed period, he failed to give my money back based on different motivations. I had to apply to the court. The court required 100 dollars as judicial duties. Afterwards, the court examined my case and in the end it was rejected by giving reasons that my debt was overdue.

Kh.Stamboltsyan, Yerevan

Dear Mr. Stamboltsyan. Before speaking of unfairness of the juridical system, you should be aware of your rights and duties before making a transaction.

Chapter 21 of RA Civil Code completely deals with limitation of actions. It is a period of time for the protection of rights based on the claim filed by person whose rights are violated. The legislation determines different periods for certain kinds of requirements (claims). As regards the amount of the given applicant, then the period is determined to be three years. A legal decision was applied and made by the court on basis of the application filed by the arguing party and the representative. In other words, the claim was rejected on account of overlooking the limitation of actions.

It is necessary to know that the legislation does not impose limitation of actions on certain requirements, particularly:

a) requirements made to the bank by the depositors regarding the return of deposits,

b) requirements on the elimination of any violation of the rights of an owner or other user,

c) other cases envisaged by law, the incomplete list of which is granted in accordance with Article 344 of RA Civil Code.