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RA organized unprecedented elections in its new history. I think that there were no such elections during the governance of first and second presidents, so it should be articulated: The practice of creating a power with just elections was established during the governance of third president. Those were elections which results merely would influence the results of elections. In the elections of today their great investment have done not only the acting president but also some active political parties in the political arena, maybe most of them were from opposition. Conclusion is the only one: we have had free and just elections in a result of which the winner is the voter and it does not matter for whom he/she has given his/her vote.

Concerning pre-electoral, electoral and maybe post-electoral some illegal actions, particularly giving bribe, voting twice and after elections with the allowance of the owners acting out of laws, it should be noted that the committers of such actions is people which it does not matter to what political party do they belong are such human type that are ready to serve for different owners and sometimes at the same time. Let’s hope that in coming presidential elections such breaches will be excluded with its positive consequences and the voter would feel himself the owner of the vote.

For instance, as a result of the elections the beneficiary party have to solve from the first glance easy seeming such problems which have not been solved for years and as a result it served as reasons for migration or made some of our citizens “homeless in law”.  The citizen of the country which have had  a war is worthy live in good conditions and the new establishing government should guarantee those citizens’ all the rights which putting to the second place his everyday problems, have connected his tomorrow to this power.