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During the Soviet years when somebody’s rights were violated, it was used to write to the “Lenin's mausoleum” and it was believed that in this way the issues would have been solved. The bright example of that could be the letter of my mother (my mother worked as a cleaner at 1st Hospital) immediately after which we got a flat in Norq.  Now I am writing to “Iravubk” newspaper nut I do not believe that there is justice in this country as the law and the rights are to be insisted here.

I got married in 1990, have 3 children and live in the house of my father-in-law. After the death of my father-in-law the house was divided between my husband and his brother. In 2005 my husband has left to work abroad and has not come back. Some years ago he used to call in New Years days but now he stopped doing so; maybe he has died somewhere. Now the brother of my husband has decided that me and my children should live in the street and brought an action to the court in order to evict us from the house.

I am sure that he will “buy” the court but I will never leave this house. I hate both my husband and his relatives and the same hatred I have inseminated into my children. I am sorry for such strict words. If you know any solution, please tell.

Angin, Yerevan


Angin is in unbalanced mental condition and firstly needs a psychologist as if certain group of people especially children, are taught to hate people like them, it is disaster with its all negative consequences.

Concerning to the action brought by the brother of your husband it should be mentioned that it is groundless claim as after the death of the father the owners of the house became the applicant’s husband and his brother and the disappearance of the husband does not mean that the brother is entitled to evict his family.

Concerning the fact of disappearance of the husband it should be mentioned that the applicant can apply to the court to recognize her husband as dead in case of there are grounds that he might be dead. After the recognition of the husband as dead the wife and the three children can inherit the house.

The Staff of the “Iravunk” is hopeful that this response is fully helpful and which is more important that we have provided useful advices to our compatriot not less powerful than the response to the previous applications to the “Lenin's mausoleum”.