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My son is 28 years old. He is a doctor. One year ago he felt in love with a girl who was 5 years younger of him. He felt in love so that he got uninterested in his parents, sister, relatives and his friends. When I saw that girl for the first time I remembered the ancient adage: the love can concern also muck. When i expressed by negative opinion about her, my son was offended. In one word, I did not recognize my son.

One month ago my son declared that he had been cheated all this time and that now he realizes that so called girlfriend kept friendship only for certain interest and now she has another boyfriend. Moreover, my son has presented our bungalow which his grandfather had presented him in his 25 anniversary to that girl in secret from us. When we tried to speak to that girl she declared that we were threatening her and she will apply to the police. We applied to the police and it turned out that the girl was not guilty. I cannot imagine how can Armenian girl play with the feelings and become an owner of bungalow. I wish my son’s example would serve as an lesson for other younger. Please, tell me what should I do?


SUSANNA, Yerevan


It is quite a hard problem. From one side a civil contract was concluded which emerges cicvil rights and obligations and this contract was registered, particularly your son has gifted his bungalow to his beloved girlfriend. From other side it is obvious that your son felt in love in such way that he got uninterested in his relatives as a result of which he lost his property gifted by his grandfather. I think that from that point you should start. That is to say that your son should prove that even he was capable but he was in such condition during the conclusion of the contract that he was not able to realize the meaning of his actions. After that it would be possible that the Court recognizes the contract invalid according to the Article 311 of Civil Code.

You should know that after recognizing such contract invalid the party must return the property to the management of other party. In case if it is impossible she must compensate the value of the property.