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Some days ago the National Assembly approved the decision to strip Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and present Deputy Vardan Oskanyan of immunity and to involve in criminal case as an accused.

A question arises: whether the motion of the General Prosecutor and the approach of the National Assembly were reasoned to fire their Deputy.

When the Queen of the United Kingdom is called to responsibility for exceeding the speed of her car the citizens of that country are not either surprised or get angry or discuss the fact.

When the Prince of the United Kingdom serves in the Army of the hottest places of the world- in Afghanistan, the citizens of that country consider that each citizen who loves the United Kingdom and especially the Prince is obliged to serve as an example.

There are many criminal cases instituted and discontinued. It is a fact that some of the cases can be instituted with violations of the norms of domestic laws and international conventions or by unreasoned deprivation of liberty or by labeling the political activist as a criminal. But…Why especially Vardan Oskanyan was involved in such public discussions where he tends to be presented as a politically oppressed.  Look around you and you will see how many families are offended from the current unjust statement and they leave their motherland; how many pensioners that have contributed in the development of the country a lot, cannot even solve the problem of living with their pension; how many old war veterans live their last years half-hungry and ill. Go to any village of our country and see how the villagers live and how the governors of the village live who think that they are princes whose village’s children-garden and school is in bad condition but they drive expensive jeeps.
What concerns the stripping Vardan Oskanyan of immunity then I think that the motion of the state authority body is legitimate and the decision of the legislative body is lawful. You should know that the society where there are people who are popular in society and have high positions, the society should be the first to demand from them and the latter should serve as an example for the society and the country.

If it is discovered that there is no crime in the actions of Vardan Oskanyan, then the state authority body must apologize and compensate the property and non-property rights as it is stipulated by law.

Moreover, I would like to know as a citizen on what were spent the charitable sums which Oskanyan got. If those were spent on restoration of the disaster zone; for solving the socio-economic needs of hungry soldiers' families or for realizing similar other programs without retrospective aims then such ideas, programs and Oskanyan’s opportunities should be greeted.

Some days ago a pensioner applied to me whose pension’s some part is in seizure for the debts derived from tax obligations and fines for those.

I think the public is interested in whether the tax obligations can arise from the sum which is got for personal use. October 27th and March 1st should be considered to be the blackest pages of the Republic of Armenia. Each citizen who loves his country tried to help the situation somehow in those days. In those days such professionals were removed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a stroke of a pen which could have brought honor to each country. Vardan Oskanyan being the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not only did not protect them but also did not try to report to the President that even though the latter had their own opinions about the functions of the state, but they also were the ones who realized the policy of the Ministry and were responsible for that. I would like to mention that I have represented the abovementioned diplomats’ in the Administrative Court after which I realized who is Oskanyan as an individual.  He was responsible for the professionals who were fired, in my opinion, unreasonably. There are many victims of state officials and maybe victims of Oskanyan among us. So, try to discover for yourself who is the real victim.