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62/3910/ 7th of April 2011 Thursday

“ARAVOT” daily newspaper

Dear editorial staff

I am 87 years old single invalid pensioner. One day I was informed that I had not fulfilled a financial duty the sum of which was bigger than my pension of several months together.  I felt powerless and defenseless for a moment but then I decided to apply to the advocate’s assistance. So, I applied to the Lev Group law office. My violated rights were restored in short period of time.

I thank you Mr. Baghdasaryan for high professionalism as a result of which I felt protected. I also thank your co-workers for warm and greeting attitude to me.





N 96 (1908) 17-20 of December 2010

“IRAVUNK” newspaper



Dear editorial stuff

When the elementary human rights are violated, a human being becomes unable and unforeseeable. For him all the colors become black and the life-boring. We, the 117 workers of “Rusal-Armenal” factory, did not get compensation for the injurious work for 2004-2006 years. We applied to the main director of the factory in order to get the compensation but our applications were dismissed. By the way the dismissal was accompanied by threat to be discharged if we claim a lot. So, we had to apply for a lawyer’s aid and our choice was to turn to the “Lev Group” law office. Since then some not understandable actions had been done after which the claim was brought to the court. From the first days of judicial procedure “Iravunk” newspaper has enlightened all the information which is really happened. Of course, it is very sad that such claim was brought to the court and what is even worse is that only one or two newspapers have reacted and published information concerning this issue. The TV was totally quite about this issue.

Respectable editorial stuff of the newspaper “Iravunk”, dear Mr. Babukhanyan, Mr.Galajyan, Armenuhi Hakobyan and all the editorial stuff, we all thank you for your unbiased elucidating the issue of an Armenian, the issue of common worker which you considered as yours and informed the public that Armenian had a problem which should be justly  solved. We have got the just solution. Peaceful agreement between us and the director of the factory was signed.

The new director of the factory have decided to pay our compensations in a little bit shortened manner during three months for what by the help of your newspaper we all want to thank the general director of the factory Sinelnikov, his deputy Mr. Avetikyan and also the person who had defended our interests and supported us a lot, the general director of “Lev Group” law office Levon Baghdasaryan, the director of civil issues Sergey Sargsyan, the head of the stuff Karine Karagyozyan and all stuff of “Lev Group”. We also want to thank the judge of the first instance court of Arabkir administrative region, Mr. Saro Aramyan and his secretary Kima who withstanded 117 workers’ replicas with great patient and when it was necessary they had interpreted the legal norms for us.

At the end we would like to add that 117 workers are fathers of 117 families, so from the names of our families we would like to wish only good to all those and their families who have supported us and solved our bread earning problem and unlike most people we did not have to go to foreign desert ways.


Some workers of  “Armenal” factory


231/3833/ 3th of December 2010, Friday

“ARAVOT” daily newspaper

I thank “Lev Group” law office, especially Levon Baghdasaryan, Seyran Grigoryan, Vahe Hovhannisyan, Karine Karagyozyan for defending my violated rights. Owing to their humanitarian attitude and high professionalism the breach of my rights was repaired.

Heghine Babayan


89/3205/ 28th of May 2008

“ARAVOT”daily newspaper

I thank “Lev Group” law office, general director Levon Baghdasaryan, advocate Vahe Hovhannisyan, the head of stuff Karine Karagyozyan, and also all the stuff owing to whom my breached rights were successfully restored and the justice was triumphed.

Karen Grigoryan


N 126(19356) 22nd of November 2005

“GOLOS ARMENII” newspaper

I thank the general director of the “Lev Group Law-Economi Union” CJSC Levon Baghdasaryan for high qualified free legal assistance and also for warm humanitarian attitude.


G. Minasyan


235/2369/ 21st of December 2004

“ARAVOT” daily newspaper


I thank “Lev Group Law-Economi Union” CJSC and especially the general director, member of International advocates’ Union, advocate Levon Baghdasaryan for defending my killed brother’s relatives’ rights with high professionalism in different instances and in European Court of Human Rights.

Injured Anjil Sanasaryan’s sister


Qnarik Sanasaryan


93/2227/ 18th of May 2004

“ARAVOT” daily newspaper

“Hatuksantekhmontage” (“Special santeqmontage”) OJCS’s stuff thanks “Lev Group Law-Economi Union” CJSC for legal assistance with high professionalism.


“Hatuksantekhmontage” (“Special santeqmontage”) OJCS


190/1840/ 17th of October 2002

“ARAVOT” daily newspaper

“Avtosirokh” (“Autolover”) NGO thanks “Lev Group Law-Economi Union” CJSC’s all stuff in honor to which unbiased and highly professional legal assistance we managed to stop 3 years lasted bureaucratic stalling, restore and defend the rights of “Avtosirokh” (“Autolover”) NGO. For development of our country people like Levon Baghdasaryan are needed, people with professionalism and human morality specialist. I wish good luck to Mr. Baghdasaryan for the development of his activity.


The President of

Avtosirokh” (“Autolover”) NGO