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Law firm " Lev Group " by granting legal services in connection with infringement of the rights of the principals, before addressing in court, tries in the order established by the law to decide dispute for the benefit of the principal extrajudicially. Even at presence of conditions decisions of judicial dispute for the benefit of the principal, before compulsory execution of decisions, also are carried out discussions for achievement world consent. In result the majority of disputes receive the decision in extrajudicial order. The organization carries out judicial protection when all settled opportunities of the decision of dispute in extrajudicial order are    finished. 

Taking each business we express the readiness to finish it with the purpose decisions of a problem. Taking each business, an obligatory condition is presence the internal belief, that not only in legal aspect the rights of our principal are broken, but in moral aspect are broken also, that in the future our conscience will not torment us for done legal actions.