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All the studies and ceremonies which are diverged from the Armenian Apostolic Church and do not correspond to the canonical and traditional principles of the Armenian apostolic Church should be considered as sects and elucidated by media as such.

The emotional and glamorous speech of ‘Kyanki Khosq” was crushed on 13 of July at the judicial session to which the reader of ‘Iravunk’ can get acquainted by reading further. Before that it should be mentioned that after the long and pathetic speech of the representative of ‘Kyanki Khosq’ which lasted nearly 2,5 hours when the question was asked to the representative which episode violated the reputation, which the dignity, the latest did not answer in substance whether calling ‘Kyanqi Khosk’ Sect harmed the honor, dignity or maybe the business reputation.

Anyway, the legal formation of those was given by the representative of the newspapers ‘Iravunk’, ‘Argumenti nedeli’ and ‘Komsomolskaya pravda’, the general director of Lev Group advocate’s office, the founder of the page ‘Reception of lawyer’ of ‘Iravunk’ newspaper, advocate Levon Baghdasaryan.


N 53 (220) 24th of March 2012, Saturday

“HAYATSQ” daily

The insulting and slander did not took place


The advocate has presented unlawful objection

Pre-judicial session of the case of “Kyanki khosq” organization v. “Iravunk Media” organization took place in the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative regions by president-judge R. Nersisyan yesterday. The session was already the second one. The representative of plaintiff “Kyanki khosk” organization’s leader Arthur Simonyan was the member of Advocates’ Chamber of RA Avetik Papinyan who had objected to the participation of the representatives of media in the judicial session and recording of the session which cannot be prohibited according to the legislation.


N 48 (215) 17th of March 2012, Friday

“HAYATSQ” daily

Why “Kyanki Khosk” did bring a claim against “Iravunk Media”


There was no harming information

As it is known, “Kyanki Khosk” sect, acting in RA, which the author cannot consider as a religious organization or church because of his religious beliefs, brought a claim against “Iravunk Media” LLC. The pre-judicial session at the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron And Nork-Marash administrative regions on March 13 did not took place because the plaintiff did not come and according to the motion brought by his representative the session was delayed and appointed on March 23, at 15.30 o’clock.