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A month’s campaign commenced from cleaning houses, yards, city and the country in the wake of spring. According to official information, thousands of plants and bushes have already been planted and are to be planted in the future. It is good when it is implemented on a state level.

An Armenian is obviously not only industrious, but also clean and the house of each Armenian is tidy, clean and neat. Unfortunately, our cleanness and thousand-year culture ends up at the entrance of our house which can be seen from the yards and staircases of our buildings which are in great mess, but once you enter any apartment of the same building you can see right the opposite view. Los Angeles area is said to occupy approximately the same area as the Republic of Armenia. If you try to find a cigarette-end or paper in the areas not permitted by law, in honor of the citizens (owners) of the country you will hardly find any. Once I was driving from California to Nevada which lasted about 7 or 8 hours and I did not see any polyethylene bags on the road. Let us imagine for one second that we are on Gyumri-Yerevan highway or any highway of Armenia. Can you say how many polyethylene bags and other foreign items we can find on our homeland? I am not an admirer and worshipper of foreign things, all the more I am dead certain that our potential and upbringing is higher which can favour having a clean house, clean country, in other words, clean homeland. But for this it is necessary to answer one question whether we wish to see our house clean and tidy. I am more than ever confident that we do wish. Therefore, we ought to seek reasons and eliminate them. In my opinion, there are five reasons for it.

a) The overwhelming majority of people do not feel that they are owners of their country outside their house. Therefore, do they not only take the hand of a violator, who pollute it, but also they themselves throw their own rubbish onto the ground or throw the rubbish from cars onto the street.

b) The overwhelming majority of people are unaware that the cellars, attics, staircases, lifts of their buildings, as well as the building yard are their lawful property, otherwise they will not litter the ground or urinate.

c) The overwhelming majority of people do not realize that if the external appearance, porch, lifts and the building yard are renovated, then the market value of their house will be higher.

d) There do not exist any serious legal sanctions. There are administrative liabilities applied to those who pollute or litter their rubbish in forbidden areas. For instance, in California one can be fined 1.500 US dollars for throwing a candy paper onto the ground or the violator will have to sweep the highway for several days.

e) Although RA territories are regulated by law according to their administrative units, condominium, community, administrative district, region and other state authorized bodies which are authorized to bring the violators to account, but there also exist personal and simple relations. For example, to eliminate some accident any citizen or legal entity can pull down any part of central street of the city or the yard. Thereafter, he will cover it with soil at best or as a last resort leave the hole and get away. That’s where the authority of the given community and region ought to apply strict and serious measures in respect of a citizen or legal entity. Recently a citizen known to the public reprimanded another citizen in the lift who was renting an apartment in the same building who entered the lift with a cigarette in his hand. This incident resulted in the interference of law machineries who commenced examining the act committed by the one reprimanding the given citizen so as to ascertain whether the given act entailed any criminal offense or not and in the end a criminal case was instituted. Instead of finding corpus delicti, the violator ought to have been called to a very strict administrative liability for smoking in the lift and the reprimander ought to have been awarded with an honourable citizen title.

You can rest assured that after it the number of violators and reprimanders would be reversely comparative, and tomorrow the same violator will not only smoke in the lift, but also reprimand another for smoking in the lift.

Today, I wish to introduce the legal norm regulated by Law according to which the property of the citizen are the cellar, attic, lift and staircases of the building…

Owners of constructions of apartment buildings by virtue of a share property right own not only the cellar, attic, but also technical floors, roof, porches, staircases, lifts and other areas which are deemed to be the property of other persons in the manner prescribed by law (Article 224 of RA Civil Code).

The Legislation allowing the owners of apartment buildings by virtue of common share property right to manage and use the common property of the building, but simultaneously it prohibits to alienate his or her share in his or her property right in respect of the common property of the dwelling house, as well as undertake other actions resulting in transference of the given share separate from the property right in respect of non-dwelling areas (Section 2 of Article 224 of RA Civil Code). As a matter of fact, the common property of the apartment buildings is the integral part of the apartment building and belongs to the owner of the apartment by virtue of common  share property right.