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I am 32 years old and a programmer by profession. A year ago I got married but it was not a fortunate one. Firstly, during the marriage ceremony the main expenses of the wedding were borne by me. After the wedding, during the wedding trip I spent 900 dollars of my saved money. Afterwards, I purchased a two-room apartment by credit. The entire expenses regarding the house were borne by me. Recently, she declared that we were going to have a baby. I had very tense days and I wish to get divorced. Please, tell me if I will be able to recover all my expenses spent on my wife in case of divorce.

Gurgen, Yerevan city

I would like to call Gurgen’s attention to the circumstance that he tells only about himself in a half-page letter. If you pursue only personal aims, then it is so complicated that your consciousness becomes very narrow and you become a closed, insincere person on account of all negative consequences. What concerns the amount spent on your family, then you will not only be able to recover it, but also in divorce your wife will automatically become a 50% of share owner of the apartment purchased during your marriage  according to the article 201 of RA Civil Code, and after the birth of the child you will have to pay living means for the child at the rate of 25% of your salary.