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Dear Editorial Staff of “Iravunk” newspaper,

I am a lonely pensioner. I receive an old-age pension which totals 31.000 drams which is hardly sufficient for my medicine and utilities. I am living alone. My neighbor above suggests granting me 100.000 drams per month, that after my death she will bear the expenses of my funeral and the apartment will be transferred to her possession. I have a good opinion of her, but I would like to have a document certifying that I will not be out in the street in my old ages. Please, help me.

Haykuhi, Yerevan city

Mrs. Haykuhi ought to enter into a rental contract under which the apartment owned by her on basis of an ownership right shall be transferred to her neighbor who shall be liable to pay the agreed amount for life (during the entire years of life).

It is necessary that the contract stipulate the amount which according to the consent of the parties shall be the amount of expenses of the funeral of the rental receiver and after the signing of the contract, it shall be transferred to the account of the rental receiver. The contract shall also state the monetary unit which shall be paid by the rental payer every month.

Considering that the payment for utilities of the apartment depending on time and weather are subject to change, it is desirable that the rental payer (neighbour) bear the liabilities for payment of utilities of the apartment under the contract.

The contract shall be signed in written form and ratified by a notary, whereas the assignment of the ownership right shall be subject to state registration.

In case of considerable violation of contractual obligations by the rental payer, the rental receiver shall have the right to terminate the contract and reimburse all the damages in compliance with the law.

In practical life there are cases when an apartment sale and purchase or donation contract is signed instead of a rental contract under the pretence of lifelong assistance or care, and a short time later the apartment is alienated to a third person, and the owners of the apartment are out in the street, therefore one ought to know the following:

a. In making any transaction one ought to be aware of its legal consequences.

b. lifelong assistance, and later the legal path of transferring the apartment to the one who takes care is the rental contract in which the legislation stipulates such game rules so that both the rental receiver and the rental payer will not face any problems in performing their obligations properly.