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Dear reader, the number of suicides has grown. There are many organizations and individuals that directly or indirectly induce the person to conduct a suicide. This article aims to prevent the reader from such extremely rough mean and also to interpret the suicide, the reasons of that, the legal consequences of incitement to suicide and incitement to committing suicide and also to compare it to the self-sacrifition.

It seems that the development of science and technics will proportionally decrease the social conditions of society.  But it is still difficult to say that the concerns of ancient people were fewer and they were happier than those of modern people. For me there is the following formula: how a person goes far from the spiritual things than he takes an abuse on him which he is not able to carry and as a result of that he is capable to conduct any extreme including committing suicide.

In my opinion, the most recognized suicide in the world is the suicide committed by Judas. As according to Gospel suicide is one of the most awful sins, each of us should come to the following conclusion: suicide, being voluntary choice of death, is against the God and his laws. I think it is the main reason that the ones who committed suicide are not guaranteed the right to requiem, right to burial and other spiritual events.

You should know!

According to the Criminal Code of RA causing somebody to commit suicide or make an attempt at a suicide by indirect willfulness or by negligence, by means of threat, cruel treatment or regular humiliation of one’s dignity, is punished with imprisonment for the term of up to 3 years. The same act committed in relation to a person in financial or other dependence of the perpetrator, is punished with imprisonment for the term of up to 5 years. To the up to 3 years imprisonment are convicted those people who persuade somebody to commit a suicide by convincing, encouraging or otherwise and the victim has committed suicide or an attempt. The issue is totally another in the case of voluntary choice of death for saving another’s life (mother’s, sister’s, wife’s, friend’s, child’s, family’s, motherland’s etc.). In this case it is not proper to qualify it as a suicide. If Judas had committed suicide as he was bought for several silver coins which means that he did not recognize the God and his main laws, than In Vardanantc War everybody died by voluntary choice of death in benefit to humanity in order to verify God’s love.