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This story is about a destroyed family.  This family was mentioned as a successful family example ever by public but on the eyes of the same public it collapsed and became a destroyed family. I wish it does not seem that I try to sorry this family in your eyes. It is a story of my life which I don’t wish to happen to anybody.

I was born in Petersbourg city. My mother and father were famous architectures. They were invited to Armenia in 1970s by the State. I went school in Yerevan, then I entered  musical school and after I graduated from Conservatory. During a party I got acquainted with a wonderful young man who was studying in present Economic University of Yerevan then I got married to him. We had twin boys. I was teaching in one of the musical schools. My husband was vice-director of some state organization. We were happy. In 1987 when the privatization began my husband was from the first persons who began entrepreneurial activity. In a short period of time he had done financial-economical activity as a result of which the money flowed to our house in bags. I could not say that I became happier as a result of that. The situation was on the contrary: I began to see my husband rarely. He was surrounded by very strange people with artificial smiles. They all have benefited from the income which flowed to our house in 90-s. I don't know what is the reason: not kindness of people, not willingness of them or jealous  or formal orientation but the fact is that my husband was convicted to 12 years of imprisonment to what my husband could not withstand with and died.

As according to court decision all the property of my husband was to be confiscated, during some months our all property including house, the lands and the buildings of the company which he had founded was confiscated. All my applications about the fact that I and my little children will stay in the street, stayed without answer. All the colleges of my husband forgot about our existence in one night. After some years I found out that some of them participated in the bankrupting of my husband.

O, my God, why are the laws so cruel, why are people so wild? There is no lightness place on the Earth in order to reveal my destroyed family, is there?

TANYA (the names are changed)

The saddest in this story is the fact of destroying of a family in the eyes of public which can harm everything not less than the power and richness which were destroyed in one day.

Going deep into the factual circumstances of this case, I am sure that those state authority representatives who hurried to enforce the court decision as a result of which this family is in the street, have breached the following binding legal norm: Property gotten by spouses during marriage is in their joint ownership unless a contract between them establishes otherwise. It is more than obvious that all that property is gotten during the marriage and is the joint property of spouses. So the 50 percent of the property is a subject of immunity and is only yours. You should know that unlawful actions which harmed a citizen or legal person are compensating including the actions of the state authority bodies which acted out of laws or bylaws.  You should apply to the court. You and your children as well as your property are protected by law.  You can get it back and if it is not possible you can apply for being compensated.