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“It is impossible to govern the country right without the God and the Gospel“.

George Washington


It is the election period soon, the political parties have become active with their offices and sub-offices. One more time everybody will try to prove that he/she is the best.

To be honest, it ugly but one thing is probably good: some people have work, activity and of course money even if permanently. Give attention to the meetings organized by some political parties. They are usually not representing the power but are the opposition which is the guarantors of the country’s welfare but they are involved in different bazaars. The human being itself likes improvement, development, freshness, innovations, new faces, new thoughts but seeing the complaining and cloudy faces of that political parties and the standard thoughts you find yourself on the mind that even if you want innovations and freshness but you cannot find not even better one but the exchanging one. Once upon a time a wise man said that the faces of jealous people are usually cloudy and sad because they are pressured not only by their evil but also by the values of others.

In my opinion the political parties not representing the power are in more beneficial condition than those of the power which being in the power are more vulnerable and obvious. When you see not satisfied people representing the opposition who never see the positive sides of everything you begin to think that their  complains, cloudiness and the rest of negative things come from the fact that they have no power and their only wish is to have such. They are similar to the slaves of ancient world who wanted to be freed from slavery not for the freedom but for becoming the owners of slaves.

The issue of the power before the elections is clear: to get the maximum votes in order to keep the power. Here the problem face the representatives of not power side which have to show innovations and to refresh the voter. I think that they should directly or indirectly support the power in order to:

  1. keep and protect the good thing that we already have,
  2. healthy criticize keeping the power careful.
  3. sign a memorandum with all in order to have the first appropriate elections for the Christian state,
  4. both in power and opposition systems keep balance in order not to let them to falsify the results, not to lie often themselves.

There is no better model of governing than that of with elections. God blessed the one who will manage to organize unbiased and just elections.

You should know!

  1. the ones who violate the rights to free elections of others as well as intervening the jurisdiction of media are to be convicted to the 5 years imprisonment,
  2. Obviously incorrect counting of ballots during a referendum or election, or obviously incorrect approval of referendum or election results, theft of the ballot box, as well as forgery of elections or voting in some other way, is punished with imprisonment to 5 years.
  3. Forgery through the breach of the procedure of compilation of voters list by the official in charge of the compilation of the voters lists, is punished with a fine in the amount of up to 500 minimal salaries, or arrest for up to 1 month, or imprisonment for up to 1 year.
  4. Forcing the voter to divulge the results of the ballot, checking the ballot list to reveal the results of the vote, entering the ballot booth (room) as well as breaching the confidentiality of the voting otherwise, is imprisoned with a fine in the amount of 200 to 500 minimal salaries, or arrest for 1–2 months, or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Dear readers representing the power and opposition! I do not consider myself as an exemplar of justice and honesty because I am not absolute but before the elections let’s take a look to our grandsons and children and in the case of absence of them take a look to us and ask a question: “what did we do in order the elections to be just?...” Maybe it is the time to kill the slave in ourselves and do not try to become an owner of the slaves but the owner of the country which is protected by law. Let’s love our king more, our citizen more than the foreigner and not to bankrupt him by huge taxes. Let’s make him honorable citizen in order the pensioner to earn not only for living but also try to be equal with the pensioners of other countries to which he/she is appropriate. And finally, dear heads of political parties you should not divide you should join because our power is in our unity. After that each of us will fill himself as an owner of the country which is called Nairi. The formula to get to that point is famous: “it is impossible to govern the country right without the God and the Gospel” which means without LOVE.