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Dear editorial Staff, my husband is programmer. Three years ago his friend invited him to the casino as a present for his birthday. I and the wife of his friend also joined them. Nearly two hours we had played and won 5000 AMD. After that my husband decided that he should calculate and win huge amounts. As a result of his calculations he had lost his work, car, house, even the wedding ring. He has many debts and wants to sell the flat bought during our marriage time. We have “gifted” all our property to casino during some years. How can I reveal it?

SUSANNA, Yerevan


First of all you should reveal your husband which has casino illness and needs you in this moment. What concerns the losses in casino, you can only reveal it if you prove that your husband has participated in casino games under pressure or real treat of power.

Moreover, the demands of the citizens based on the casino games which are based on the risk, are not subject to be satisfied by law unless the claim concerns getting the won sum.

You should know that the organizers of casino games survive by getting your lost money.