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I was born in 1995. My mother died at birth. One month late my father died as a result of car incident. I was under care of my grandmother. I almost have not gone to school but I can read and now I take English lessons. My first work experience was at the age of eight. My grandmother gave me matches and I was selling it near GUM called market. At the end of the day when I gave the money to my grandma it turned out that I earned enough money which was enough to live with the salary of my grandma. I have never asked money as a beggar in honor to my grandma. Since the age of ten I was a carrier in the market. Then I became a pupil of car repairer. It is almost one year that I have been working myself. One month ago the regional policeman told me that I should register my business in tax service. I went to tax service where I was told that I am still minor and I should wait until becoming mutual. My 18 will be 1year and 3 months later. Please, intervene in order I will be able to work and earn money. I will go to serve in the army after half and the year.




Even the full capability of an individual emerges since 18 but the legislator has granted an opportunity to 16 years old people to work or to have a business with the allowance of parents, adopters or trustees. This legal norm is called emancipation or recognizing a minor fully capable which should be done as follows:

The grandmother being the trustee should give her allowance after which an application should be entered to the guardianship committee of the residence which should make a decision to recognize the minor fully capable. If such act is adopted, it is allowed to have entrepreneurial activity. In the absence of agreement or in case of negative decision it can be claimed in judicial order.

You should know!

The parents, adopters and trustees do not bare responsibility for those minors who were recognized fully capable. Particularly they are not responsible for the consequences of harm by minor.