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We still remember the bad case happened in our family during the bad 90s. My brother flowed the oil from the kerosene stove on my mother and wanted to burn her but then he changed his mind. My mother did not apply anywhere and that event was kept only among our relatives.

My mother died a week ago. It is turned out that my mother had made a will according to which she left all her property to my brother. I do not want that there is such impression as I have aye on my brother’s property but I also do not want that the one who tried to kill my brother inherit all the property. I just want the party of inheritance to which I have rights. I have right to inheritance, don’t I?


ANGELA, Vanadzor


According to the Article 1191 of civil Code the Unworthy Heirs can be excluded from inheritance. They are:

  1. who have intentionally hindered the exercise by the donor by inheritance of his last wish
  2. intentionally have deprived the donor by inheritance or any of the possible heirs of life or
  3. who have committed an attempt on their life.

The bases for exclusion from an inheritance of unworthy heirs are a sentence and/or decision of a court that have entered into legal force.  Persons for whom such an exclusion engenders property consequences connected with the inheritance have the right to apply to court with a demand for exclusion of unworthy heirs from an inheritance.

In this case I have to disappoint Angela as if even we accept that there was an attempt to kill the donor in 90s, the donor had made her last will after such attempt and decided to give all her property to the attempt-maker. So, it is prohibited by law to exclude such heir from the inheritance as the will was made after an attempt to kill and the legislative body considers the will of the donor legal and subject to obligatory realization in this case.

You should know!

The owner of the property has right to make a will, decide the sections of inheritance, to exclude the heirs from inheritance etc.

What concerns the inheritance of Angela it should be mentioned that if she is not Compulsory Ownership Share in the Inheritance which is if she is not:

  1. a minor,
  2. disabled,
  3. lacking dispositive capacity or
  4. have attained the age of 60.

As Angela is not any of the mentioned, so she has no right to inheritance, in addition there is also a will.