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Respectful “Iravunk” I am shocked by the fact of extradition of the Azerbaijani officer which has deprived Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan’s life with an axe secretly at night,  by the Hungary which is considered European country; and the fact that  the President of Azerbaijan has pardoned him. If these are the European values then I spit on such. We should have not believed to the justice which turned to be false and we should conduct our self-judgment.

What do our attorneys think about bringing an action concerning such disgraceful contract?

Taron Baghdasaryan, soldier, participant of parade devoted to the 20th anniversary of independence, Yerevan


I would like to divide this issue into two parts: moral and legal.  From the point of morality the perfect characterization has given the Supreme Commander-in-Chief by  calling him HOMELESS which satisfies his bestial instincts by shedding innocent’s blood secretly at night and such person can be recognized hero and pardoned by the person who inherited his position from his father and not realizing the importance of his position, motivates and involves the whole people into an adventure, unfortunately, in the presence of the whole Europe and by their silent consent.

I would like to believe that there are yet still powers in the neighbor country which if not loudly then even in mind they convict such conduct and they will judge him. While, that animal will have different bad thoughts during the time: each second he will remember those who has revenged and killed Taleat and Enver.

From the legal perspective Hungary which bares “European” values has breached the following provisions of the Convention: that country has guaranteed the security of the Armenian officer by law. Both Gurgen Margaryan and the Republic of Armenia which has sent him to that country were sure that the security of Gurgen Margaryan would have been guaranteed. That means that Hungary, as a country which has European values and has signed the Convention, bears responsibility for the security of the citizen of Armenia.

For the committing the crime in high cruelty the criminal has been convicted to the maximum size of the punishment which was also corresponding with the European Convention.

After this all the governor of the neighbor country has announced that that person was not a criminal but hero.

Instead of convicting such announcement Hungary without considering that this country will not take into account the existing judicial act has extradited the criminal who has been convicted to the life imprisonment to the governor which made him a hero and promoted his position.

You should know!

According to the case law of the European Court the right to fair trial includes not only the whole process of procedure, but also the implementation of the judicial act.

How both Hungary and Azerbaijan have implemented the judicial act by letting free the one who had been convicted to life imprisonment; the concluding remarks are to you.

Dear Reader

The just outbreak that has taken place among us shows that we not only are integrated into the European family but also we are the keepers and the guarantors of the European values. So the punishing of the person who has secretly deprived the life of the soldier of winning country at night should be the most important issue of the Europe and the whole civilized world.

The group composed of 4 advocates is created within the advocate’s office ‘Lev Group” which will scrutinize and give the legal evaluation of, in my opinion, criminal contract and its negative consequences about which you will be informed additionally.