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I think that this Article concerns to all- to farmhand, to commercial, to student, to teacher, to judge, to head, etc.

I have an expression that the citizens of Armenia speak about justice more than anybody in the world. All speak- pupils, students, elders or younger. Everybody wants to live well but many people are ready to get to that level as a result of putting others in bad conditions.

Everybody wants to be appreciated and respected but do we evaluate people like us? Do we care about the problems of others the key to which we own? But in the morning we begin to speak about widespread injustice and we consider the power as the only medicine to solve the situation. Unfortunately, here starts the beginning of the End in the society in which written and not written laws act instead of the rule of law.

The laws often protect narrow clan interests and the implementers of such laws not only apply such laws without any difficulty but also put all their professional knowledge to prove that they are right. But these people speak about justice and immorality with all the day after.  After some time when they are drawn away as used thing or are out of general plate with their clan, they begin to consider that “during such regime” they could not have expect any good thing. And they even present good things as bad ones because instead of the rule of law others’ written and not written laws act. If you do not obey such laws you will either compensate for that or be isolated and become lonely and forgotten and in case of a little more effort you can compensate with your life.

This is the picture of the country which was the first to realize that the love will save the world and was the first to adopt it in state level. After that only it has spread all over the world. Unfortunately, each of us realizes not the ego of the country but this/her ego (under such we can also understand group or clan ego). For the protection of such ego we are ready to limit the rights of others, to step on the ego of others. All these bring to additional aggression which emerge different illnesses and different unfortunates.


You will probably ask what the solution is for that. My answer is the following: the rule of law. For recognizing the rule of law instead of laws it is enough to agree with simple truth: the law is reality articulated in the Heaven, while the law is on the paper. And if the one which is on the paper will not be corresponded to the one which is in the Heaven the law will stay on the paper as the best option or otherwise become a destroyable power. We should start from this point in order to eliminate the indifference and injustice in this country by law. The real situations, which will be presented below, concern to general indifference which bare the state officials. So they should make think as it indirectly concerns to the state security.

I deal with such real and often cruel situations almost every day as a practical lawyer. In order not to have an expression that “yesterday was better than today is” I will refer to 90s and present 3 real situations from those years.

Real situation during the governance of the 1st President:


The elder and medium generation probably remembers those cruel days when our country faced the aggression by neighbor country. As a result of this aggression our country was in occupation and the resources of bread were enough only for few days. The massacres in Baku and Sumgait and the migration of our compatriots were added to all these. In those years The Government of RA adopted a decision according to which the refugees migrated from Azerbaijan and who permanently live in the houses of Azeri, those houses should be considered theirs. As a result of that the refugees should have got an order to their houses.

The state officials must have formed the documents of the refugees immediately and not to let them feel uncomfortable as they have been witnesses of massacres and suffered a lot.

If we remember some type of such state officials who had got such position as  a result of change of communist regime, we will see that they were not only indifferent to the fate of those people but also had easily told the homeless refugees the following, “I cannot give you this house. What if the Turkish living there one day they will come back?” Of course, we have read it and have been shocked but this man still lives in our society among us and also speaks about injustice. The same person was promoted soon and was invited to work in the President’s supervision service. After that he was supervising the quality of the roads of Nagorno-Karabakh like irony of the fate.

Real situation during the Governance of the 2nd President:

In those years the Yerevan was given big boost of construction. Some complete neighborhoods in the center of the city were recognizes as a prevailing public interests. In one of those houses was leaving a retired teacher who had been educating the generations for a long time. After consideration of the place as prevailing public interest by the Government a state official with a constructor approached to the old man and offered X amount of money as a compensation but the man considered it less and did not agree.

After that the state official and the constructor, instead of transferring the offered sum to the deposit and beginning litigation, they have created a group and one evening have entered into the house of that man and threatened him, and finally forced him to leave the house. Soon the machine-tools of the constructor have destroyed the ancestors’ house of that poor man. But that was only the beginning. After that the old poor man demands the offered compensation from the State. But the state official sent the man to the constructor and considered that he is done. The Constructor, represented by a young girl, seeing the old poor man, said: “…so you have come to us. That time when we had been suggested compensation and we had money, you did not want. Now we have no money. Go and when we will have then you should come”.

The whole indifference to the person who has been educating the generations for years starts from here. This person who has lost his house and is a citizen of Armenia not only is not protected by the state and the violators of the rights of that person who had destroyed his house without any compensation, but also the state did not take any step.

How many the state officials are which bared the responsibility to protect their citizen? I will number them: a) the Police, b) Prosecutors, c) major of Yerevan, d) Government,  e) the President.

Falling under pressing of the indifferent state officials of this heavy car, this citizen hopeless had to apply to the court to get the compensation for his house. The litigation lasted several months as the house was destroyed and it was difficult to decide exact value of that. By the way the person who had agreed to evaluate the house and actually evaluated it according to the market price (the evaluation and the service of advocate were provided for free) as he was not indifferent to the fate of that old poor man who had become homeless, soon lost his license which was permanent.  As a result of litigation the constructor has shown “great humanism” and signed an agreement.


Real situation during the Governance of 3rd President:

I myself, being a son of constructor (my father is the constructor of “Unknown Soldier” and “Monument” monuments), felt the hard work which is done by constructor and craftsman. I would like to emphasize that during the communitarian years my father not only got a salary but also he had got a key to the car and other expensive things as a premium for good work personally by Khochinyan and the president of the Executive Committee of Civil Council of Yerevan.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union you can calculate the number of the industries in the fingers of your hands. One of those industries is factory “Rusal-Armenal” which owners are Russians. 3 years ago 120 workers of that factory applied to the Government informing that even they get additional payment for the dangerousness of their work but they did not get it for the previous years. Both the power and the public were silent to this. The latter had to apply to the court. The new management of the factory suggested signing an agreement. Now the 105 workers of the factory have applied to the Government informing that they should retire earlier as it is stipulated by law. The workers working in harmful conditions should get additional salary for working in harmful conditions but they do not. Their employer has informed them that the workers do not get additional payment as the factory is not mentioned in the decision of the Government.  There is no need to have additional knowledge in order to understand that if they should retire earlier and get additional holidays as a result of working in harmful conditions then they also should get additional payment for the same reasoning as it is stipulated by law. Moreover, the workers of the same factory in Russia get additional payment. These workers who are tired of everybody and everything have applied to the court seeking protection.

As a conclusion I would like to add that we all have earned a right to live well and we can manage all the trials only together and we will win.