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Some days ago the day of students was celebrated.  To what extent the student is protected nowadays or to what extent s/he is ready to work as a professional after graduating the university. The high educational institution is the place where the student is being developed and becoming ready to work in the field s/he has chosen. The Main Law of the RA grants an opportunity to everyone to get educated. The Main Law gives an opportunity to decide the principles of self-governance of the high educational institutions by law.

Every citizen has a right to get education in high educational state institutions free of charge based on competition.

The state shall provide financial and other assistance to institutions conducting higher and other professional education programs, as well as their students with the procedure prescribed by law. This is a main legal norm of this sphere. In real life the high educational institution gives the minimum what is articulated in its program to the student and wishes good luck. For the businessman the knowledge got from the university is not enough. The latter needs such workers (servants) that are able and capable of being professionals in the field and the component of which is practical knowledge and work experience which the university does not give. Here is needed the interference of the relevant state authority body.


During the existence of the Soviet Union each graduated person (doctor, lawyer, teacher etc.) was sent to far regions where he achieved practical knowledge and experience.

In the US the state authority body or employer voluntarily signs a contract with student according to which it bares responsibility to finance education of student, and the student bares responsibility to work in state authority body or at the place the employer will tell from 3 to 10 years for comparatively low salary in conformity with the contract.

There is no such interference in RA as a result of which ten thousands of students graduating per year rely either on relatives, accidental situations or having no place to work and create, emigrate from the country.  In contrary to this, the state authority body diligently and in centralized way interferes to the admission processes. As a result of these the youth newly entering into the life has involuntarily to become a proactive person and struggle against his/her relative state for protection of his/her right to education, while, a group of state officials of different sorts and height tries to prove improvable.

The exams for admissions have been cut for a long time in Europe and in the US. In order to enter the Law faculty of the Harvard University (this educational institution is in the list of the best universities in the world) one ought to right an essay “Why do I want to study especially in this university and this profession?”

That means that the state authority body should not make barriers for the citizen who has graduated high school and wants to enter the high educational institution. It should just support the latter to make right choice as it is demanded according to the Article 39 of the Main Law of the RA: “Everyone has a right to education”. Moreover, the whole processes of getting high education should be not only transparent but also under compression of the competent state authority body and also under directly supervision of it as the university being important factory of preparing students and scientific center having state power, cannot solve global strategic issues alone without support, consultation, protection and financial aid of state bodies.

This legal norm is also stipulated in the Article 39 of the Main Law of the RA: “...with the procedure prescribed by law the state shall provide financial and other assistance to institutions conducting higher and other professional education programs, as well as their students”.

There are many cases when student who has perfect characteristics is fired from the university because s/he is not able to pay the fee. The relevant state authority body which is called to and has obligation to develop a strategy which will not allow violate the right to education of each citizen, shakes hands and declares: “The state is poor and has no means”. The state cannot be poor in case when there are people who have millions and there is huge base and potential to empower it. But the most of the younkers who are able and capable and may empower the motherland tomorrow have no money to pay the fees of studying and are fired from the university or after graduating, having no experience and state official parents, go to empower other countries.

Armenia has no oil but has huge potential of human brains which is needed just being coordinated and directed in honor of the state, of the development of its citizens.

You should know: the image of God is brightly expressed in human being especially in the ability of creating. The creating is a characteristic of God which is transferred to us. The Lord is presented to us from the first moment in process of creating and therefore working according to the Bible. This ability of God is more than typical to the Armenians. But without studying, getting basic education and experience we cannot speak about advanced professional, eligible citizen and therefore about the owner of the country.

Joining the wishes concerning the Day of Students the advocates’ office governing by me announces free legal advice and services in case of university-student disputes till the 1st of December of 2012.